[arch-haskell] ghc-6.10.2 in testing

Peter Hercek phercek at gmail.com
Sat Oct 12 07:34:40 UTC 2013

Vesa Kaihlavirta wrote:
> Excerpts from Peter Hercek's message of Wed Apr 08 09:17:31 +0300 2009:
>> Don Stewart wrote:
>> If I understand it correctly all libraries need to be reinstalled and 
>> executables can stay.
>> Is naming convention designed in such a way that "pacman -Qs haskell" 
>> should get the same result as "pacman -Qi ghc |grep '^Required By'"?
> Not quite. How about `ls /usr/share/haskell/`? All cabal2arch packages add a directory there

Ok, so the most safe way is taking "ghc-pkg list" except the packages 
distributed with ghc. This means a "database" of packages which were 
distributed with ghc (for each of its versions which existed on 
archlinux) would need to be maintained. For example the list of 
package.conf files from previous versions of ghc is such a database. But 
we really need only the pristine (as installed) package.conf for the ghc 
version  we are going to replace. What about adding some commands to ghc 
installation which would store-off a copy of package.conf file. Then we 
could write a script which tells what needs to be recompiled with a new 
ghc version.

The second best is probably to take "ls /usr/share/haskell" since almost 
all haskell packages are distributed with cabal.


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