[arch-haskell] [haskell-web] repository not updated for GHC 7.6.3?

Nicholas Gomez ngomez.dev at gmail.com
Wed May 8 04:32:20 CEST 2013


This is my first post here.  I am somewhat new to Arch, Haskell, and
mailing lists in general so if this isn't the appropriate place to post,
please let me know.  I've done plenty of Google searches prior to posting
here and all research has come up dry.

I have been trying for a few days to install the Snap web framework via
pacman (cabal seems to be a sub-optimal route to take due to a lack of
synergy with pacman).  Following all steps from the Arch Wiki and GitHub,
I've configured my /etc/pacman.conf file to include the [haskell-web]
repository.  However, upon doing "pacman -S haskell-snap", I get a flood of
messages in the form of "warning: cannot resolve <x>, a dependency of <y>".
  A couple of these messages stood out to me because of the GHC version it
appeared to list, e.g. "warning: cannot resolve "ghc=7.6.2-1", a dependency
of "haskell-zlib-enum"".

Now, I recall before trying to install haskell-snap doing a "pacman -Syu"
to bring the system up to date.  Included in this update was a GHC update
to 7.6.3.  My best assumption at this point is that the standard
[haskell-core] repository was fully updated with this version upgrade, but
[haskell-web] was not since it appears that [haskell-web] is independently
maintained by a volunteer.  Thus, it's simply a matter of the packages
maintained in [haskell-web] must be recompiled with the new version of GHC
and other dependencies in [haskell-core].

Are my assumptions correct?  If so, is [haskell-web] still being maintained
thus a matter of "relax and be patient"?  Or am I better off going the
cabal install route?  Perhaps investigate rolling back to an older version
of GHC?  Forgive me if this is all elementary and common knowledge as  I am
unfamiliar with "standard procedure" for Haskell in the Arch Linux
environment.  Thank you for your time.

-Nick Gomez
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