[arch-haskell] ghc: /usr/share/doc/ghc/html/libraries/hslogo-16.png exists in filesystem

Ramana Kumar ramana at member.fsf.org
Mon Oct 15 12:42:39 CEST 2012

I think the answer is because we're still figuring out the best way to
package Haskell programs and libraries, and Haskell tools (ghc, cabal)
already have their own package-like-but-not-really systems for dealing with
packages, which are difficult to cooperate with.

I wonder if anyone has tried NixOS and whether the situation is better

I know on many distros (including Arch!) a lot of people give up and use
the Haskell tools exclusively and avoid distro package management for
Haskell stuff.
But that is not a good solution in the long run, because cabal is
explicitly not a package manager: it doesn't know how to remove stuff
cleanly and never will, amongst other problems.

On Mon, Oct 15, 2012 at 11:00 AM, Thomas Friedrich <info at suud.de> wrote:

> 2012/10/13 Fabio Riga <rifabio at gmail.com>:
> > 2012/10/13 Ramana Kumar <ramana at member.fsf.org>
> >>
> >> I'm not sure why that error happened but it happened to me too.
> >
> > The problem seems to be that those files were not part of any package,
> > but now are in ghc.
> >
> >> I removed the offending files manually and tried again, and ran into
> more problems (although everything installed, there were many warnings
> about interface files being the wrong version and being skipped).
> >> So I'm not sure what the correct way out is. Perhaps it will require
> some manual removals then reinstalls.
> >
> > This is a problem with ghc-pkg version. For previous version of ghc I
> had to do:
> >
> >   $ pacman -Rcs ghc
> >
> > then reinstall ghc and needed haskell-* packages. I think you'll want
> > to remove the offending files before installing ghc again. I hope this
> > solve the problem.
> >
> > Fabio
> >
> Why is it that every single time there is a ghc-update, I have to
> remove everything and reinstall everything haskell related. Haskell is
> such a cool language but keeping a Haskell environment up-to-date is
> sometimes just a real pain.
> Sorry for the rant.
> Thomas
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