[arch-haskell] Instructions on navigating the current pkgs issues.

Magnus Therning magnus at therning.org
Wed Mar 7 19:03:30 CET 2012

On Tue, Mar 06, 2012 at 09:26:22PM -0800, Michael Katelman wrote:
> Hi,
> I am wondering if someone can point me to instructions that might
> allow me to navigate the current issues with ghc-related pkgs?
> Basically, when I type pacman -Syu, it doesn't work and it would be
> great if instead what it did was act normal and update my installed
> packages. I'd provide more detail on my particular error message etc.,
> but I have a totally plain haskell-platform install plust stuff I've
> installed through cabal and it seems like it's probably obvious to
> those involved why that no longer works and causes pacman to freak
> out.
> From what little I've gathered reading some posts on this list and
> elsewhere, there seems to be some disagreement over what goes where
> and why. It sounds really important and I'm sure that, in its own way,
> it's fascinating. However, with limited time on my hands, what would
> be absolutely awesome is if some instructions showed up that told me
> how to magically move back to a tenable arch installation without
> becoming deeply entrenched in the "whys" for the changes.

The easy answer is to first find the list of "top-level haskell

    # pacman -Qet|grep haskell-|cut -f1 -d ' ' > haskell-pkgs

Then remove everything that requires ghc:

    # pacman -Rncs ghc

Now you can re-install.  Due to a slight mismatch between [haskell]
and [community] you'll need to add 'ghc-haddock' to the list:

    # pacman -S ghc-haddock $(cat haskell-pkgs)

It is *very* likely that there are packages missing in
[haskell]-of-today compared to [haskell]-of-yesterweek.  Please report
any packages you want added to me (github, mailing list, private
email, ...) and I'll try to get on adding them.


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