[arch-haskell] How to currently install haskell packages?

Alessandro Pezzoni alessandro_pezzoni at lavabit.com
Fri Mar 2 13:19:32 CET 2012

> `cblrepo` gives fairly good messages on unsatisfiable dependencies.
> Can you post the message you get from it?

Actually, I'm not getting any errors from it, although I can only find
the haskell-ghc-paths package in the AUR (I have [haskell] in my
pacman.conf), which doesn't seem right to me. I tried looking in the
extra/ghc pkgbuild, where I found the following comment, but nothing
# Special note for devs looking to upgrade this package:
#   ghc places a unique hash for each library when it is built.
#   Libraries depend on versions specified by those hashes.
#   This implies that all libraries need to be rebuilt when ghc is rebuilt.
#   Also, due to dependency loop problems, haskell-ghc-paths and haddock
#   do not carry version dependencies. You will have to remember to
build them too.


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