[arch-haskell] ghc 7.4.1 in a temporary repo

Magnus Therning magnus at therning.org
Sat Feb 18 23:51:09 CET 2012

On Sat, Feb 18, 2012 at 06:30:52PM +0100, Adrien Haxaire wrote:
> A short update.
> I got confused in the process and I restarted from scratch hence the
> time since my last mail.
> I have almost all the packages compiled. I have uploaded them to
> http://arch.adrienhaxaire.org.
> Amongst others, what does not compile:
> xmonad-contrib
> xmonad-extras
> gtk
> hlint
> basically all archive which size is 1K
> Also some patches do not apply well:
> [adrien at arch ah-ghc74]$ cblrepo pkgbuild $(cat ,,build-order)
> Failed patching /tmp/cblrepo.2CyhXK/PKGBUILD with
> /home/adrien/Developpement/haskell/ghc/ah-ghc74/patches/haskell-src-exts.pkgbuild
> Failed patching /tmp/cblrepo.Y8IXQb/PKGBUILD with
> /home/adrien/Developpement/haskell/ghc/ah-ghc74/patches/glib.pkgbuild
> Failed patching /tmp/cblrepo.S2YpEn/PKGBUILD with
> /home/adrien/Developpement/haskell/ghc/ah-ghc74/patches/DBus.pkgbuild
> Failed patching /tmp/cblrepo.EJxKM1/PKGBUILD with
> /home/adrien/Developpement/haskell/ghc/ah-ghc74/patches/gtk.pkgbuild
> Failed patching /tmp/cblrepo.6NWYBP/PKGBUILD with
> /home/adrien/Developpement/haskell/ghc/ah-ghc74/patches/gtk2hs-buildtools.pkgbuild
> I'll have more time to make a full report tomorrow. In the meantime,
> please let me know if the uploaded packages are ok, so that I can
> restart a new cycle if something went wrong.

I'd recommend you fetch the latest changes I've made to the git repo.
There's a new pkgrel of GHC itself (7.4.1-2) as well as some fixes to
the patches.  Some extra instructions:

- After creating all the PKGBUILDs it's necessary to adjust the
  dependency on GHC (unless you modify `cblrepo` and build a new
  version of it), e.g. by executing something like

    for f in */PKGBUILD; do
      sed -e 's/\(.*\)ghc=7\.4\.1-1\(.*\)/\1ghc=7.4.1-2\2/' -i $f

- It's not possible to record dependencies on tools in Cabal files,
  instead that is done in some of the patches.  Unfortunately this
  means that `clbrepo` can't produce a build order that is 100%
  guaranteed to work; a bit of manual tweaking of the ,,build-order
  file may be necessary.  I think the only tools in question are
  `alex`, `happy` and `gtk2hs-buildtools`.

Good luck ;)


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