[arch-haskell] ghc 7.4.1 in a temporary repo

Adrien Haxaire adrien at haxaire.org
Tue Feb 14 15:34:17 CET 2012

 Thanks for the detailed explanation. I see I miss some common knowledge 
 about how ArchLinux and ArchHaskell work. This experience will fix this.

 I read yesterday the documentation for cblrepo; it is nice to have such 
 a detailed README. I didn't know HABS.

 I try it tonight if I find some time; after all I'm later than Debian 


 On Tue, 14 Feb 2012 13:01:05 +0100, Magnus Therning wrote:
> On Tue, Feb 14, 2012 at 10:50, Adrien Haxaire <adrien at haxaire.org> 
> wrote:
>> On Mon, 13 Feb 2012 16:04:58 +0100, Magnus Therning wrote:
>>> It is certainly doable, though it may take a bit of time.
>>> First you need a development version of `cblrepo`, check out commit
>>> 4364ed0ab546fafbff59163d59c6bf94d8298dd4 on the branch called
>>> `devo/ghc74` [1].  That version of `cblrepo` is compilable using 
>>> the
>>> packages currently in [haskell], but it generates PKGBUILDs usable
>>> with GHC 7.4.1.
>>> Check out the sources I used for [ghc74]
>>>    $ git clone git clone 
>>> http://www.kiwilight.com/~magnus/ah-ghc74.git
>>> Now you can use the `makeahpkg` script as usual to first build GHC
>>> itself, then the dev-version of cblrepo to generate the PKGBUILDs, 
>>> in
>>> order to finally build the entire [ghc74] repo for yourself.
>>> Let me know if you run into any troubles.
>>> /M
>>> [1]: http://is.gd/NyCWxL
>> Hello,
>> Thanks for the explanation. I think I miss some experience building 
>> a repo
>> for Arch, so here is what I did yesterday.
>> I cloned the sources you used for [ghc74] with git clone
>> http://www.kiwilight.com/~magnus/ah-ghc74.git. Then cd ah-ghc74, 
>> then
>> makeahpkg. It created a fake root directory inside ah-ghc74, called
>> something with 686 (I don't remember the exact name).
> That's a chroot, you should makeahpkg to build everything, including
> ghc, to make sure your own system doesn't contaminate the built
> packages.
>> Then I cloned cblrepo: git clone 
>> https://github.com/magthe/cblrepo.git, cd
>> cblrepo, git checkout -b 4364ed0ab546fafbff59163d59c6bf94d8298dd4, 
>> then
>> cabal install. Seemed to work.
>> Went back to ah-ghc74, cd ghc, makepkg -s. It built ghc-7.4.1. I 
>> forgot to
>> remove the profiling options in my ghc settings, meaning that it 
>> built it
>> twice :) So I guess I have to do it again tonight, without the 
>> profiling
>> options. It tokk 4 hours in total.
>> Now I don't know what is the next step. Is it 'cblrepo add -d 
>> ghc,7.4.1'
>> then 'cblrepo pkgbuild ghc', or only the latter?
> No, what you need to do now is use cblrepo to create the source
> packages, then you use makeahpkg to build them.
> Start with cleaning up your ah-ghc74 directory (you can use `git
> clean` for that) and make sure you have `cblrepo` in your path.  Then
> the following steps ought to do the job:
>     $ cd ah-ghc74
>     $ cblrepo build $(cblrepo list | cut -f1 -d\ ) > ,,build-order
>     $ cblrepo pkgbuild $(cat ,,build-order)
>     $ ./makeahpkg -x -- ghc $(cat ,,build-order)
>> If you have some links on how to do it, I'll be glad to look at it 
>> and learn
>> how to do it.
> There's a README that comes with cblrepo, that's a good place to
> start, then there's also a README for HABS (http://is.gd/7b8ICP).
> /M

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