[arch-haskell] Move to 7.4.1

Peter Hercek phercek at gmail.com
Mon Feb 6 12:00:53 CET 2012

On 02/05/2012 07:10 PM, Magnus Therning wrote:
> I've put together a package for 7.4.1, and then tried adding a few of
> the binary packages, and their dependencies.  Here are the notes I
> took during it:
> darcs
>      can't be added due to a ceiling on the dependency on unix, and
>      that version of unix can't be added with base==4.5
>      several dependency ceilings that prevent adding the latest version
>      of libraries
I do not see a reason to be concerned by darcs package. It is only an 
executable. It does not matter which ghc it is compiled with. Only 
libraries depend on specific version of ghc.

> What other Haskell binaries do we have in [extra]&  [community]?
> ~~~
> $ cblrepo-7.4.1 add -n darcs,2.5.2 array, filepath, hashed-storage,0.5.9 dataenc, mmap,0.5.7 mtl, zlib, transformers, text, tar, process, random, regex-compat,0.93.1 regex-base,0.93.2 regex-posix,0.95.1 parsec,3.1.2 old-time, html, haskeline, utf8-string,0.3.7 xmonad-contrib,0.10 xmonad,0.10 X11, syb,0.3.6
> Failed to satisfy the following dependencies for darcs:
>    unix>=1.0&&  <2.5&&  >=1.0&&  <2.5
> ~~~

It does not seem we have hasked-storage in extra/community.

It seems like you are missing some packages from extra/community. I'm 
not saying you should add them all. If you do not add them all just let 
us know so that we know we cannot mix new haskell with the old stuff in 
extra/community. Oooo, how I miss ghcDependency group in extra/haskell 
so that I can just ban them all with one line :) Here is the list of all 
packages I noticed, the ones you miss have * at the end of the line:

binary *
bytestring-show 0.3.5-1 *
cairo 0.12.2-1 *
cgi 3001.1.7.4-3.1 *
dbus 0.4-1 *
deepseq *
fgl *
ghc-paths *
glib 0.12.2-1 *
glut *
gtk 0.12.2-1 *
gtk2hs-buildtools 0.12.1-1 *
haddock 2.9.2-4 *
haskell-src *
hslogger 1.1.5-1 *
http 4000.1.1-3.1 *
hunit *
mmap 0.5.7-3.2
network *
opengl *
pango 0.12.2-1 *
parallel *
parsec 3.1.1-2.1 *
quickcheck *
regex-base 0.93.2-4.1
regex-compat 0.93.1-4.1
regex-posix 0.94.4-2.1
stm *
syb 0.3-2.1
terminfo *
utf8-string 0.3.6-7.2
x11-xft 0.3.1-2 *
xhtml 3000.2.0.1-7.1 *
xmonad 0.10-2

I do not have all these installed nor I'm sure they are all libraries 
(where the ghc version matters). I got the list by scanning the output of
  pacman -Ss haskell |grep -E 'community/|extra/'


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