[arch-haskell] creation of haskell (or ghc) pacman group

Peter Hercek phercek at gmail.com
Thu Oct 20 13:03:27 CEST 2011


This is a call to create pacman group with name haskell (or ghc or 
something similar). All packages which depend on ghc would belong to the 
group. The reason why I would like to see this is to allow disabling 
update of any ghc dependency easily in pacman.conf. It would be cool if 
something like "IgnoreGroup = haskell" in /etc/pacman.conf would 
postpone update of any ghc dependency. Normally non-haskell packages do 
not need this but since haskell has no backward binary compatibility it 
can be really useful sometimes.

If somebody installs everything from haskell, then this would also allow 
installing everything at once (using the group name). Although for this 
to work we might need first to make sure there are no duplicates between 
extra/community/haskell repositories. Not sure how trying to install 
whole group would behave when it hits duplicates (like e.g. gtk2hs-gtk 
in community and haskell-gtk2hs-gtk in haskell (well, the one in haskell 
is more useful since it provides glade bindings too)).

Any opinions? Can we do it next time there is some big update?


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