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Magnus Therning magnus at therning.org
Sun Nov 20 17:44:10 CET 2011

On Sun, Nov 20, 2011 at 03:57:04PM +0100, Peter Simons wrote:
> Hi Vesa,
>  > I've found out a little late that the 7.2 series is supposedly some sort
>  > of a "technology preview" branch. While I think it's totally
>  > irresponsible and moronic for the GHC devs to release a point release
>  > that's not supposed to be widely used [...].
> actually, GHC 7.2.x is quite stable and it's perfectly alright to use it in
> production. It's been dubbed a "technology preview" because the compiler
> breaks backwards compatibility in ways that require library authors to
> update their code. Those who don't want to deal with that situation ought to
> stick to 7.0.4. However, those incompatibilities are not going to disappear
> by themselves. The 7.4.x release is not going to be different in that
> regard.
>  > We'll have to think about if we really want 7.2 or do we wait for 7.4.
> It comes down to the question: are you willing to patch lots of packages to
> fix compilation? If you don't want to do that, then you'll be stuck with
> 7.0.4 for quite some time. If you don't mind patching packages to fix
> compilation, then updating to 7.2.2 right now is a fine choice.

I'm under the impression that there already are rather a lot of
packages that are updated to deal with changes in 7.2.  I don't have
any numbers on that though, are there any such numbers ready
available?  If so they could offer a good indication of the amount of
work that an upgrade would require.


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