[arch-haskell] Transitive version bump/update of dependents?

Leif Warner abimelech at gmail.com
Mon Mar 14 02:13:20 CET 2011

The haskell-numeric-prelude package needs an update to the new version to
build, which requires an update to the haskell-utility-ht package.
Is there a tool for bumping the version numbers / checking for newer
versions of all the packages that transitively depend on those that would
need to be rebuilt?
Or do we even need to worry about that right now, as with the upgrade to GHC
/ Haskell Platform, they're assumed to have removed all Haskell packages
anyway, and the version it's at right now won't build, so no one can have
packages that depend on this installed under GHC7?
-Leif Warner
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