[arch-haskell] GHC7 update status

Peter Simons simons at cryp.to
Sun Mar 13 15:40:44 CET 2011

Hi guys,

a new version of cabal2arch v0.8.0 is available that supports ghc 7.0.2.

All PKGBUILD files in habs have been re-built with that version; the Git
repository has those files. Also, these updates were uploaded to AUR.

The binary repository for i686 is being re-built as we speak. The
updates will appear on the server continuously for the next few hours.
I'll post another message once that process is complete.

The x86_64 repository, unfortunately, has no maintainer. I cannot
maintain it, because I don't have access to ArchLinux on x86_64. If
anyone has the capacity to take over that task, then please let me know.

Take care,

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