[arch-haskell] Starting to help

Peter Simons simons at cryp.to
Mon Jun 27 00:48:53 CEST 2011

Hi Fabio,

 > Packages must be tested. Before updating AUR I would compile the
 > needed dependencies and only that, faster then makeword.

why do you assume that your builds would be faster than makeworld?

 >> I'll try to describe my work-flow briefly: [...]
 > The work flow can feet, but know you and me have a compiled repo,
 > hopefully the same. Still someone (I assume you) has to copy it to
 > the [Haskell] repo server and update the AUR.

I'm not sure whether I've made myself clear, please excuse me if my
previous message was misleading.

The point of that work-flow is not so much that it generates a binary
repository, that is some kind of extra benefit. The point of compiling
the repository is to guarantee that packages *do* compile before
publishing them on AUR.

Please don't overestimate the importance of the binary repository. That
repository is merely a by-product of our quality assurance procedure.
It's a great by-product, though.

 > Unless this work is totally automated, it sound like a bad
 > bottle-neck, but I have to understand more of you procedure.

Well, if you do update HABS and do compile an updated repository (to
guarantee that those updated packages really work), then I'm sure that
we'll figure out a way how you can update AUR (and the binary repository
on Andromeda, too).

 > pacman tells me that ghc-7.0.3 is here. So ALL haskell repository
 > must be recompiled, isn't it?

Yes, and chances are that we need an update to cabal2arch as well. I'll
look into it ASAP. For time being, it's probably best if we wait until
that stuff has stabilized before pushing any further updates.

Take care,

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