[arch-haskell] collaborative HABS maintenance (was: The irony of it all)

Peter Simons simons at cryp.to
Sat Jan 15 12:41:32 CET 2011

Hi Leif,

 > There's an awful lot of packages in that dropped list that I use. I could
 > maintain PKGBUILDs for them myself, either on HABS or AUR directly.

that would be really great. Yes, please help us maintain those packages!

The contents of the HABS tree determines what goes into the binary
repository. If you'd like to see your packages included in there, then
HABS is the way to go. Please note that we upload the HABS packages to
AUR, too. If you prefer to maintain the packages on AUR, though, then
just let us know; we'll orphan them so that you can take them over.

Generally speaking, we need to figure out how to maintain the HABS tree
collaboratively, but an obvious way to do it would be the following

 (1) Fork 'archhaskell/habs' on Github.

 (2) Modify the PKGBUILDs as you see fit.

 (3) Ensure that everything compiles by running 'makeworld'.

 (4) Create a pull request to have your changes merged back.

Magnus and I would then pull the changes, run the necessary re-builds,
and copy the binary packages to the server so that everyone else gets
them, too.

The beauty of this scheme is that basically *everyone* can contribute
patches and updates in an efficient and transparent manner, and everyone
else can access those changes without having to wait for Magnus or me to
do anything. If we are too slow for your taste, then just set up your
own binary repository! :-)

Take care,

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