[arch-haskell] ERROR: Permission to archhaskell/cabal2arch.git denied to peti.

Magnus Therning magnus at therning.org
Tue Feb 22 11:49:15 CET 2011

On Tue, Feb 22, 2011 at 10:03, Peter Simons <simons at cryp.to> wrote:
> Well, now I know what happened:
>  >   $ git push --dry-run -v
>  >   Pushing to git at github.com:archhaskell/cabal2arch
>  >   ERROR: Permission to archhaskell/cabal2arch.git denied to peti.
>  >   fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly
> Magnus Therning has by mistake broken the x86_64 repository ... again.
> Instead of correcting the error, though, he tried to pretend that
> nothing happened and that nothing needs to be done about it. (See
> <https://github.com/archhaskell/habs/issues/43/> for further details.) I
> didn't like that, so I committed a fix to HABS that bumped all $pkgrels
> in order to trigger a re-build. Now, unfortunately, that commit brought
> attention to the fact that Magnus has made a mistake -- a situation he
> very much wanted to avoid, so he removed my commit from the history of
> the HABS repository. He didn't revert it -- he actually overwrote the
> repository's current HEAD to make the commit invisible. Furthermore,
> Magnus has revoked my access to all ArchHaskell repositories on Github.

Yes, I revoked it, and removed your commit, because I don't appreciate
that sort of attack in a commit message.

Peter, since you decided to handle this in public, here's a basic
question for you:

Do you want to be the owner/leader and, by the looks of it, the sole
regular contributor to the ArchHaskell project?


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