[arch-haskell] Fwd: Commit 2d5772b9c7316c627362997925a33caf64f4f6ef

Peter Simons simons at cryp.to
Thu Feb 3 14:46:50 CET 2011

Hi Magnus,

 > [The symlinks] have never disappeared on my system, but then I never
 > have found a need for them either.

the reason why we need those symlinks is that the repository is served
to the public being called 'haskell', but we build it under the name of
'repo'. Consequently, Pacman expects the repository database to be
called 'haskell.db.tar.gz' when our users run it, but inside of the
chroot build, Pacman wants that database to be called 'repo.db.tar.gz'.

The easiest solution I've found to remedy that problem is to create a
symlink as follows:

  ln -s repo.db.tar.gz haskell.db.tar.gz

That solution is by no means ideal, but it works. Of course, an even
better solution would be to modify our chroot builds so that they call
the repository they're building 'haskell' instead of 'repo', then this
entire problem would just cease to exist. If anyone knows how to
accomplish that, please share the information!

Take care,

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