[arch-haskell] How to determine whether a package is in or out in [haskell]?

Magnus Therning magnus at therning.org
Tue Dec 20 15:18:02 CET 2011

On Tue, Dec 20, 2011 at 03:31, Fabio Riga <rifabio at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Magnus,
> sorry for my late answer on this and for my bad English... I'll try to be
> more clear.
> IMHO, the ArchHaskell project should be a very big repository with most
> up-to-date packages from hackage. Now, it seems to me that you are doing all
> the work, so it's not possible for this project to grow (actually you
> proposed to drop some packages!). It seems to me that the method you're
> adopting doesn't allow a real help from others: some times ago I try to
> help, run some update in cblrepo, build all the updates and pushed the
> changed cblrepo.db file to you. I assume that you had to build all packages
> again. And this is a waste of time.

Indeed it is, but it's not something that's inherent in the way
[haskell] is built.  The reason for me having to re-build is that you
don't have access to the repo on kiwilight and there was no way for
you to make the packages available for downloading by me to be honest
I don't think I thought asking about it either).

> My idea is to use cblrepo in another way: now cblrepo.db file has about 300
> packages. We should split this file in 4 or 5 groups of packages, 1 group
> (the main one) with common, more basic packages and the others divided
> by category  (for example: net, dev, etc.). We should group the packages, so
> that one group has dependencies only in itself or in main group. So let's
> say, for instance, that you work on the main package and I take the network.
> I will create a cblrepo db that depends on your: if there are updates in the
> network, I'll do the updates, and send to you (or upload to the server) the
> resulting packages; when there are changes in the main you'll do your job,
> and I will bump packages that depends on the ones updated by you. If I
> understand well, that's the way you deal with DistroPkgs.

This is an interesting idea.  Would you mind exploring the
dependencies between packages in [haskell] a little to see how
interconnected they are?  (The less the interconnection the easier to
make such a split, if I think about it correctly.)

> So my cblrepo db will include packages belonging to your cblrepo as
> DistroPkg. This will share the long compiling work between us. The downside
> is that we must be in sync: you have to tell me witch package you are
> updating and I can't wait long before update, or packages will be broken. I
> would take the risk, anyway, there are already broken packages, but that's
> depends on another problem, I will discuss this on the proper thread...
> A script should automate the process of finding, inserting and compiling
> updates, i.e. should wrap cblrepo into something more easy. I'm working on
> this.

Keep me posted on your work on this, please.


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