[arch-haskell] What to do about --enable-shared?

Peter Simons simons at cryp.to
Sun Oct 31 18:40:27 EDT 2010

Hi Leif,

 > The packages in extra and community are built with enabled-shared. I find
 > this useful because I then have the option of linking dynamically against
 > them in things I compile myself. I was hoping that option would get
 > enabled in the PKGBUILDs generated by cabal2arch.

this is a good point. Cabal may not yet take advantage of shared libraries,
but ArchLinux users of those libraries very well might. My feeling is that a
binary repository should include shared libraries. We cannot make that
change lightly, though, because our PKGBUILDs for executables declare their
dependencies as $makedepends, based on the assumption that they're linked
statically. This wouldn't be true, if those binaries link a dynamic GHC
run-time, etc.

It sounds like we could set --enable-shared for library builds, but we'd
have to set --disable-shared for builds that involve executables. The
alternative is to upgrade $makedepends to $depends.

Am I missing something?

Take care,

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