[arch-haskell] Re: Mysterious build errors

Peter Simons simons at cryp.to
Wed Oct 27 14:16:37 EDT 2010


I figured out why I got these build errors every now and then:

 | ==> Making package: haskell-haxml 1.20.2-1 (Sun Oct 24 12:24:41 UTC 2010)
 | ==> Checking Runtime Dependencies...
 | ==> Installing missing dependencies...
 | resolving dependencies...
 | looking for inter-conflicts...
 | Targets (1): haskell-polyparse-1.4-1
 | Total Download Size:    0.00 MB
 | Total Installed Size:   2.34 MB
 | Proceed with installation? [Y/n]
 | checking package integrity...
 | :: File haskell-polyparse-1.4-1-i686.pkg.tar.xz is corrupted. Do you want to delete it? [Y/n]
 | error: failed to commit transaction (invalid or corrupted package)
 | haskell-polyparse-1.4-1-i686.pkg.tar.xz is invalid or corrupted
 | Errors occurred, no packages were upgraded.
 | ==> ERROR: 'pacman' failed to install missing dependencies.
 | Build failed, check /home/simons/src/archhaskell-build/chroot-i686/copy/build
 | Begin building haskell-non-negative...
 | :: Synchronizing package databases...
 |  core is up to date
 |  extra is up to date
 |  community is up to date
 |  repo is up to date
 | :: Starting full system upgrade...
 |  there is nothing to do

What happened is that I built the binary package, and installed it. At
that point, haskell-polyparse-1.4-1-i686.pkg.tar.xz had been cached in
/var/cache/pacman/pkg. Later, I built the package again (because I was
testing the build system), and this lead to two different versions of
the same archive being available to Pacman, hence the inconsistency.
Wiping /var/cache/pacman/pkg fixed the problem for good.

Take care,

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