[arch-haskell] Road to binary repository

Peter Simons simons at cryp.to
Fri Oct 22 13:35:36 EDT 2010

Hi Rémy,

 >>  1) The file PKGLIST determines the set of Cabal files to be converted
 >>     into PKGBUILDs. At the same time, PKGLIST is generated from the set
 >>     of available PKGBUILDs. This is looks like a circular dependency to
 >>     me. Am I missing something?
 > The generation of PKGLIST from the habs tree was only there to take a
 > snapshot of the current state of our packages.

I see. I was confused because the instructions in the README file say
that users are supposed to re-generate PKGLIST.

 >>  2) The main build step appears to be "makeworld". Is that script
 >>    capable of performing incremental builds?
 > makeworld does not rebuild an already built package, based on its filename.
 > The missing part is:
 > * use the revdeps script [#] to compute reverse dependencies
 > * use some sed magic or shell script to increment pkgrel in the PKGLIST.
 > * add to manycabal2arch the ability to:
 >   - not regenerate already generated packages
 >   - read pkgrel from the PKGLIST
 > * makeworld checks only existence of files to know whether something
 > has to be rebuilt, if the pkgrel has changed, the package filename
 > changes, hence the package has to be rebuilt.

I may be misunderstanding things, of course, but this sounds very much
like the short answer to my question is "no". 

Does it even make sense to implement all those features that you've
mentioned? From the looks of it, you are about to re-invent Make.

Take care,

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