[arch-haskell] New team, new logo?

Magnus Therning magnus at therning.org
Mon Oct 18 15:53:44 EDT 2010

On 18/10/10 18:47, Xyne wrote:
> Hi,
> This has no real importance whatsoever but I want to propose the adoption of
> the Arch Haskell logo that I made a while ago. It's just a simple
> combination of the (no longer so) new Haskell logo and the Arch logo. I
> think I posted it on the blog but it never got a response.
> You can find a png and an svg version on the following page:
> http://xyne.archlinux.ca/img/arch_linux_programming_language_logos/


Yes, would be nice to know the license (mentioned by Ivan already).  It
also be nice if there were SVG versions (or some other vector format).


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