[arch-haskell] Some changes to the github repos

Don Stewart dons at galois.com
Thu Oct 14 12:00:43 EDT 2010

> Remy has done some rather low-level work on the archlinux git repo,
> splitting it into two repos.  Unfortunately this means that all
> existing clones are likely to be very broken at the moment.  Given how
> soon after the creation of the github repos this was done, I'm not
> expecting it to cause major grief.
> Also note that this *only* affects the archlinux repo, the habs and
> cabal2arch repos are untouched by this.
> With this I feel we are in a good position to announce to the large
> Arch community of the changes to how Haskell is handled in Arch,
> together with the plans for the future.

Great work!

Maybe put together a blog post on the archhaskell site?

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