[arch-haskell] What to do now?

Magnus Therning magnus at therning.org
Fri Oct 8 18:49:14 EDT 2010

On 08/10/10 23:04, Peter Simons wrote:
>>> Do we give up on having all of Hackage in AUR and instead rely on tools
>>> like bauerbill?
>> This is interesting idea...
> Bauerbill's Hackage support works great. However, in my understanding
> Bauerbill will generally install the latest version of every package.  This
> is a problem for us, because sometimes we need to withhold updates for a
> while until all users of the package have updated their packages to cope
> with the latest version. This is easy to do on AUR, where we can choose
> which packages to update in which order, but I don't see how that could be
> accomplished with Bauerbill, unless Xyne is willing to add some major
> features to the program.

Yes, that is a major drawback indeed.

>>> Do we try to do something like what Xyne suggested--set up a Haskell ABS
>>> and publish pre-compiled packages in [arch-haskell]?
>> ...however, in the spirit of Arch (in comparison with the Gentoo which I
>> left 3yrs ago), I consider that having kind of 'Haskell overlay' with
>> binary packages would be very nice...
> Yes, I agree that this is probably the best solution. Arch was designed to
> work that way. How difficult is it to set up a repository? Does anyone know
> how to do that?

I think there are a few Arch devs reading this list, at least a TU or two,
hopefully they can offer some more information.

AFAIU it's not much to it really.  An ABS-like tree (perhaps kept in a Darcs
repo for extra points :-) and a place to upload binary packages and the repo
DB to.


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