[arch-haskell] arch-haskell repo and ABS tree

Don Stewart dons at galois.com
Thu Oct 7 14:54:48 EDT 2010

> Hi,
> I want to suggest that the Arch Haskell group create their own repo and ABS
> tree, and withdraw from the AUR.
> Requests to orphan neglected haskell packages come up relatively often on the
> aur-general mailing list and the lack of active support is a cause of
> frustration, even if it is understandable.
> Creating a separate binary repo and an ABS tree would provide consistency and
> could be made official (maybe hosted on archlinux.org and mirrored, or
> hackage). Users who wish to maintain haskell packages in the AUR could then do
> so without interfering with global consistency. Those who need newer packages
> could enable the AUR via e.g. bauerbill and those who simply wish to have
> access to the full set provided by Arch Haskell would enable the repo or build
> from its ABS tree. Maybe I could even provide support in bauerbill.

How do we manage the binary ABI incompatibilities? This was a problem
last time we tried to maintain a large binary repo: each upgrade
requires a topological rebuild of the downstream dependencies.

Currently, I'm one week backed up on AUR updates -- but it is indeed
getting out of hand: hackage is averaging 15 packages a day uploaded
now, but spikes up to 30 packages a day. That's getting hard to stay on
top of. The tools for tracking aren't yet in a state to support
distrbuted maintainance either (though they're close)

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