[arch-haskell] Re: [extra] haskell-parallel

Peter Simons simons at cryp.to
Thu Nov 11 15:01:14 EST 2010

Hi Xyne,

 > If Cabal can install different versions alongside each other, can't
 > we do that with Pacman too?

Pacman cannot install two different versions of the same package at the
same time, where "package" really means "$pkgname". Cabal, however, can
do that. We can work around this limitation by encoding a package's
version number into the $pkgname. If we'd want to install parsec 2.x and
3.x at the same time, we could simply offer two packages called
"haskell-parsec2" and "haskell-parsec3". Obviously, the more granularity
we'd want to provide, the more awkward our package names would become.

Your "rolling repositories" proposal basically accomplishes the same
thing by encoding version information (by means of a date stamp) into
the repository name (rather than the package name).

Take care,

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