[arch-haskell] Re: [extra] haskell-parallel

Peter Simons simons at cryp.to
Thu Nov 11 14:54:30 EST 2010

Hi Xyne,

 > The idea was to provide a consistent set of PKGBUILDs with
 > topological rebuilds and updates.

yes, that was my understanding, too. In [1], I put together a build
process that automates this procedure to some degree. The heart of the
system is the file "PKGLIST", which specifies the exact set of packages
that we provide. The file is translated automtically into a Makefile,
and that Makefile automatically builds an "habs" repository that
contains exactly those packages. The build process guarantees that there
are no version conflicts within PKGLIST, i.e. we know that the package
list is consistent. There is also a make target "updates" that lists all
version updates that are available on Hackage. Furthermore, the make
target "world" will automatically compile the generated "habs" tree into
a binary repository (using chroot builds via 'devtools').

The following problem, however, remains unsolved as of now: If a member
of PKGLIST is updated, all other packages that depend on it must have
their $pkgrel value bumped to trigger a re-build. There is some
experimental code in the git repository that figures out reverse
dependencies, but PKGLIST isn't updated automatically in any way; it has
to be edited manually.

 > The idea that I originally proposed was to "abandon" the AUR in favor
 > of our own repository of PKGBUILDs and local source files (alongside
 > a binary repo).

I like that idea. At the same time, it feels like there is no effort
involved in mirroring a git repository full of PKGBUILD files to AUR.

 > Our goals right now seem to be to provide the latest official version
 > of the Haskell Platform and in parallel provide the latest working
 > set of all packages.

Right. Haskell Platform is almost there; the only packages missing in
[extra] right now are:


If those could be added, then ArchLinux would comply with HP out of the
box. Would someone be willing to do that? PKGBUILD files for those
packages are already available in habs [2] and on AUR.

Take care,

[1] http://github.com/peti/arch-haskell

[2] http://github.com/archhaskell/habs

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