[arch-haskell] Re: darcs unbuildable

Peter Simons simons at cryp.to
Wed Nov 3 21:24:15 EDT 2010

Hi guys, 

 > http://hpaste.org/41115/hp_for_arch

as far as I can tell, [extra] is only three packages away from providing
haskell-platform. If that could be achieved, i.e. if all required
packages were available individually in binary form, then I prefer that
solution over a conglomerate like the haskell-package shown above. 

I realize there are advantages, the most significant being that the set
of package versions involved is very well defined. The disadvantage I
see, however, is that an haskell-platform package like that is an
all-or-nothing install. With that approach, a package that depends on
haskell-regex also depends on haskell-cgi, alex, freeglut, and so on.
That feels really awkward.

There ought to be better ways to ensure that [extra] packages aren't
updated by accident. How about adding a big noticeable comment at the
top, like:

  # Do not change this package without consulting arch-haskell at haskell.org first. 
The haskell-platform we current have on AUR is fine, IMHO, because it
refers to all other libraries as individual dependencies. It's basically
a poor man's "group".

Take care,

P.S.: I am a little confused. It appears that only half of the
      conversation shows up on this list. Is there a reason why Vesa's
      messages don't arrive?

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