[arch-haskell] darcs unbuildable

Magnus Therning magnus at therning.org
Wed Nov 3 11:23:11 EDT 2010

On Wed, Nov 3, 2010 at 10:43, Vesa Kaihlavirta <vpkaihla at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Where can I read more about meta packages?
>> How to create them, etc.
>> My naïve assumption was that a meta package was an empty package with
>> dependencies, but apparently that's not the case :-)
> Perhaps my terminology was a bit off there. I meant groups; man
> PKGBUILD and look for "groups"

Ah, yes, groups I know of already :-)

>>> As a packager, I kinda like 1) because it feels the most Archy insofar
>>> that it would result in the smallest amount of packages.
>> I don't really like 1.  A single package that wraps up all the HP
>> packages (possibly with 'provides' for the individual parts) feels
>> wrong because it doesn't follow what's on Hackage.  (I can't really
>> comment on the Archiness of it though.)  Also, technically alex, happy
>> and cabal-install are part of HP, as is ghc, should all those tools
>> also be wrapped up in the HP package?
> Well, it would still make sense to have ghc as an exception outside,
> but I'd happily include alex, happy and cabal-install in there.

I'm assuming your just talking about what goes into a package, ie on
package for ghc, one package for the rest of HP (with the HP package
depending on ghc).

There is actually one rather big advantage to having a single HP
package: it would then be trivial to also provide (through
[extra]/[community]/AUR/whatever) the bleeding edge of each of the
packages that make up HP.

>> To me it feels cleanest to have a meta package (if it supports
>> dependencies on specific versions), or an empty package with correct
>> dependencies.
> So if we imagine that this is a democracy, the votes are now 1-1
> against choices 1) and 3)  :)
> Does anyone else have an opinion?

After actually thinking a bit about it, and realising the advantage
mentioned above I'd like to change my vote :-)


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