[arch-haskell] cabal2arch, Hackage libraries and the "haskell-" pkgname prefix

Xyne xyne at archlinux.ca
Sun Jun 6 17:03:01 EDT 2010


Bauerbill uses the package list located at the following address to
construct a database of Hackage packages:


As I've understood the guidelines, all library packages include the
"haskell-" prefix whereas stand-alone applications do not.

A user recently reported an error while trying to build Pandoc from
Hackage using Bauerbill. The problem seems to be that the
aforementioned list describes Pandoc only as "programs", which causes
Bauerbill to regard it as a stand-alone app.* Cabal2arch, however, is
able to correctly determine that it includes libraries and should thus
be named "haskell-pandoc".

Can anyone on this list (Dons?) correct the package list?

What is the best way to detect that a package contains libraries? I
haven't looked at cabal2arch's source code but presumably it gleans
such information from the .cabal file. I could update Bauerbill to do
the same but having a global list is much more useful when managing
multiple packages. Is the Hackage package list not generally reliable
for this purpose?


* Bauerbill regards a package as a library if the description on that
  list includes "library".

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