[arch-haskell] Status update

Lewis Cawthorne llcawthorne at archlinux.us
Sun Jan 24 21:54:59 EST 2010

On 01/24/2010 08:51 PM, Don Stewart wrote:
> dons:
>> I've started with the most popular packages. So, e.g. haskell-binary is
>> now updated.
> I've updated the top 50 AUR packages. Will script up something to update
> the rest. Looks like most things are going to build fine!
> The 6.12 move is almost complete.
> -- Don
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Sweet!  Your doing better than me.

Took me over an hour to make the switch from yaourt to bauerbill.  I had 
no idea that yaourt was broken. Got that much switched over now at 
least!  (The problem was a line with "" around it in my makepkg.conf).

Thanks for all your effort!


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