[arch-haskell] Arch Haskell Policy Proposal

Magnus Therning magnus at therning.org
Tue Jan 19 01:55:08 EST 2010

On 18/01/10 23:50, Don Stewart wrote:
> I propose the following:
>    * Arch Linux supports precisely the Haskell Platform spec, in its
>      binary repos.
>    * AUR supports the latest version of a maximal install plan from
>      Hackage, separately.

Sounds good to me, though we may need to add more binary packages to satisfy
build dependencies of programs written in Haskell that make it into the Arch
repos.  As an example darcs now depends on dataenc, but dataenc is not in HP.

> The consequence of this policy will be that no binary packages are
> upgraded until the HP is updated. This should make vegai's work easier.
> ** It would also mean downgrading ghc 6.12 back to 6.10.4 **

I thought you said in another mail that the next version of HP will be
released once GHC 6.12.1 is released.  6.12.1 seems to be released already
(it's what's on my system after a recent upgrade) so I assume a new version of
HP is in the works already ;-)  Rather than downgrading, would it be feasible
for Arch to track HP as it moves to a release based on 6.12?

It'd be more work, but downgrading seems like a pain for users.


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