[arch-haskell] Why is haskell-utf8-string installed?

Magnus Therning magnus at therning.org
Tue Jan 19 01:42:00 EST 2010

I suspect this is a bug in pacman, but would really like someone else to
confirm that I'm not just confused ;-)

I just removed all my haskell-related packages and re-installed the bare
minimum I need:

% sudo pacman -Rncs ghc
% sudo pacman -S xmonad-contrib

After this I find that I have two versions on utf8-string:

% ghc-pkg list|grep utf8

That seems a bit strange to me so I had a look at the packages.  First I
confirmed that ghc provides utf8-string, which it does, version 0.3.4.  Then I
took a look at haskell-utf8-string (the package, version 0.3.6):

% pacman -Qi haskell-utf8-string|grep Required
Required By    : haskell-x11-xft  xmonad-contrib

However, having a look at both haskell-x11-xft and xmonad-contrib it looks
like they don't have a dependency that requires 0.3.6 to be installed:

% pacman -Qi haskell-x11-xft|grep Depends
Depends On     : ghc=6.12.1  haskell-x11=  haskell-utf8-string>=0.3

% pacman -Qi xmonad-contrib|grep Depends
Depends On     : xmonad=0.9.1  sh  haskell-x11-xft=0.3  haskell-utf8-string

So, why does pacman insist on installing haskell-utf8-string, when it doesn't
really have to?  Does pacman not use Provides properly in its dependency


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