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Don Stewart dons at galois.com
Mon Aug 23 19:04:41 EDT 2010

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Excerpts from Don Stewart's message of 2010-08-23 17:50:57 -0400:
> magnus:
> > I just found out about the changelog= directive for PKGBUILDs.  However I
> > can't really find more detailed information about it, e.g. is there a
> > specific format that I have to follow?
> > 
> > Where can I find more info?
> Oh. I didn't know about this either. More info please!

The variable was a feature added with pacman version 3.4.0. It
appears the wiki still needs to be updated to mention this;
however, "man pkgbuild" mentions it, and there is a prototype
that comes with pacman, "/usr/share/pacman/ChangeLog.proto".
David Campbell

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