[arch-haskell] Grumblings about install size

Xyne xyne at archlinux.ca
Mon Apr 5 15:20:09 EDT 2010

> Maybe, and maybe this isn't really a valid concern anymore, but  more a
> cultural thing in Arch.
> -- Don

How much would the difference in size be if you removed the profiling

If it is significant then I think it would be more in line with the
Arch way to move them to an optional dependency. Even if disk is cheap,
it goes against the minimalist ethos of the distro to bundle everything
and I'm sure that many users are put off by the size of the ghc package.

Of course, the other part of the Arch way is to stay as far upstream as
possible so if the profiling libs are intended to be a part of the
package there then there is a strong argument to leave them in, but I
think the strength of that argument depends directly on the size
difference and how many users actually use those libs.

Providing something smaller might also encourage more casual use of ghc
and haskell and thus help to promote the language.

Perhaps there are lessons to be learned from KDE and how Arch packages


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