[arch-haskell] Readline/Haskline

Matthew William Cox matt at mattcox.ca
Wed May 27 09:22:33 EDT 2009

On Wed, May 27, 2009 at 04:53:03PM +0530, Piyush P Kurur wrote:
> 	May be I am just being stupid and not hunting the right place
> but the latest ghc 6.10.3 package in arch does not expose the Readline 
> library or any of its cousins. However ghci is working just fine with
> tab completion etc. I am not able to use it for programming.

	The Arch GHC package is not built against libedit (at least on
x86_64) so the line editing packages aren't built. In the mean time, you
can build your own ghc with editline support by:
	1) Installing libedit: pacman -S libedit
        2) Getting the GHC source: yaourt -G ghc
           if you don't have yaourt, download the files manually from
	   the Arch SVN repo.
        3) Building GHC: makepkg
	4) Installing the package: pacman -U ghc-6.10.3-blah.pkg.tar.gz
GHC's configuration script will pick up libedit and build the line
editing package.

Vegai: should libedit be added to the deps on the package?

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