[arch-haskell] Arch Linux: New package updates for Mar 8, 2008

Don Stewart dons at galois.com
Sun Mar 8 16:36:01 EDT 2009

New Haskell packages for the week ending Mar 8.


Arch now has 962 Haskell packages in AUR. That’s 17 new packages this week, and
lots of updates as well.

Notable releases this week

    * htar-0.3: Command-line tar archive utility
    * haskell-llvm- Bindings to the LLVM compiler toolkit
    * haskell-harpy-0.4.1: Runtime code generation for x86 machine code
    * haskell-future-1.0.0: Supposed to mimics and enhance proposed C++ ”future” features
    * haskell-holumbus-mapreduce-0.0.1: a distributed MapReduce framework
    * haskell-holumbus-storage-0.0.1: a distributed storage system
    * haskell-holumbus-distribution-0.0.1: intra- and inter-program communication
    * hevolisa-dph-0.0.1: Genetic Mona Lisa problem in Haskell - using Data Parallel Haskell
    * doctest-0.0.0: Test interactive Haskell examples
    * haskell-happstack-0.2.1: The haskell application server stack + code generation

See the full list of new Haskell packages this week on the blog, broken down by category,


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