[arch-haskell] lhs2tex

George Giorgidze giorgidze at gmail.com
Mon Feb 23 15:54:37 EST 2009

Hi Arch-Haskellers,
CC Mateusz Herych,

Does anyone know why is lhs2tex outdated in AUR?

I suggest to (automatically) package it using cabal2arch like most of
the Hackage packages are packaged. If it requites some manual
intervention I suggest to ask Matesz (the current maintainer) to
update it. In case if he is busy and does not have enough time I (or
some one else who volunteers) would do it.

I think lhs2tex is a nice, useful and mature piece of software and
does not deserve to be outdated in AUR ;). IMHO, it is well placed to
be included in the community repo as well.

Cheers, George

George Giorgidze

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