[arch-haskell] Updated packages to cabal2arch > 0.6

Don Stewart dons at galois.com
Sat Aug 22 21:31:46 EDT 2009

Hey all,

As you can see,


I've updated almost all AUR packages to have been built with cabal2arch
0.6.1. This should fix the "yaourt rebuild" problem.

I've also modified cabal2arch to inject dependencies for QuickCheck and
parsec, when packages depend on versions newer than that shipped in the
core. (Same for all core packages, actually).

Finally, you'll notice in the status page that the names of packages are
sometimes colored red or green: this indicates whether the last time
they were built, it succeed for failed to build.

I'm now doing a full rebuild of AUR Haskell, using cabal-install to do
the topological ordering. You should see a complete set of green/red
lights for buildable packages tomorrow sometime.

-- Don

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