[arch-haskell] ghc-6.10.2 in testing

Vesa Kaihlavirta vegai at the.hn
Thu Apr 9 07:14:09 EDT 2009

Excerpts from Peter Hercek's message of Thu Apr 09 14:00:05 +0300 2009:
> Vesa Kaihlavirta wrote:

> But if we assume that unregister.sh files can contain only "ghc-pkg 
> unregister" calls then there is no need to even call them. The new ghc 
> will come with a new/pristine package.conf. Still I would like if you 
> could save off a copy of the pristine package.conf when installing ghc. 
> Then I could check in robust way what I installed on top of clean ghc. A 
> postinstall step like "cd /usr/lib/ghc-<ver>; cp package.conf 
> package.conf.asInstalled".

Yes, that's what I've wondered about too, actually.

I like your suggestion. And we can use pacman's configuration file handling
instead of rolling our own. 

6.10.2-2 postponed then a bit more :) I hope I can get this out soon, because
I'll be on vacation until the 19th, and away from my x86_64 box. 


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