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Sat Nov 15 03:14:17 EST 2008

>>>>> "Abhishek" == Abhishek Dasgupta <abhidg at gmail.com> writes:

Abhisek>  Sometimes we need to package haskell packages which have
Abhishek> their dependencies in AUR. I suppose for most common Haskell
Abhishek> applications, the dependencies will be taken care of by having
Abhishek> haskell-platform installed, but it would be nice to have some
Abhishek> way of having the dependency auto-updated in the case it has
Abhishek> to be added to [community] manually.

Solution for everything would be to have hacman (or pinky as suggested
in #arch-haskell) - wrapper for pacman written in Haskell, using libalpm
and enhanced to use cabal-install.

Some advantages would be:

1) all the deps would be (hopefully) properly resolved by using

2) the hacman (pinky) would be (hopefully) more robust and feature-wise
than yaourt

3) hacman (pinky) could be used by non-haskell users exposing to to the
wonderful land of Haskell (e.g. there is nice himerge GUI for Gentoo
written in Haskell), i.e Real-World-Haskell used for system admin

4) no need for cabal2arch 'cause we would use *.cabal descriptions
directly from Hackage

5) single tool to handle all Arch-related system tasks

I'm not sure how difficult it would be to write it to support all the
above features, but I'm open for flaming ;)


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