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Sat Nov 15 03:03:52 EST 2008

>>>>> "Vesa" == Vesa Kaihlavirta <vpkaihla at gmail.com> writes:

Vesa> Nevertheless, I'm using it as my main platform for development,
Vesa> and it works well.

Vesa> Presently, the next big thing will be the Haskell Platform, which
Vesa> is basically a bundle of important packages. We will try to get
Vesa> the packages in it to extra, with a "haskell-platform" group
Vesa> defined. So pacman -S haskell-platform should get you all the
Vesa> goodies now and forever.


Vesa> All this is good. Now for a bit of controversy.


Vesa> 1) When we update ghc, there's no good way to update all the
Vesa> packages in AUR that depend on it. Best way to cleanup is pacman
Vesa> -Rc cabal-install, which kinda works but... And if I go back to
Vesa> the other ghc version (like I often did when playing with 6.8.2
Vesa> and 6.10.1), my old packages are lost.

Yes, that's painful.

Vesa> 3) yaourt often builds dependencies twice. Perhaps just a simple
Vesa> bug in yaourt.

Ahh, cool...I'm not the same being bitten too often with it...

Vesa> There's a simple solution to all these problems: for packages
Vesa> outside the Haskell Platform, we start using cabal-install. 

As I mentioned on #archlinux yesterday - there is not 'uninstall' option
for cabal-install.

Vesa> This has worked for me very well, and I'm not sure if I see why we
Vesa> should have Arch packages for everything. 

I agree there is no need for having all the packages, but, thanks to
Don, it's very easy to get 'em all via cabal2arch.

Vesa> Of course also we would have some higher profile stuff in extra
Vesa> (like darcs) and community (like xmonad).

It would be nice to have GUI lib(s) like gtk2hs as well considering
other languages (Perl, Python)


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