[arch-haskell] haskell overlay is live (x86_64)

Don Stewart dons at galois.com
Wed Jun 18 18:48:32 EDT 2008

The Haskell x86_64 overlay is now live. It contains binary packages of
the latest hackage snapshot.

I've worked out how to use the very simple repo-add stuff, thanks to
gour, and now the following works:

    # /etc/pacman.conf

    Server = http://code.haskell.org/arch/x86_64

Then resync:

    $ sudo pacman -Sy

And you'll see, with say,

    $ pacman -Ss haskell

    extra/ghc 6.8.2-1.1
        A state-of-the-art, open source, compiler and interactive environment for
    extra/happy 1.17-1
        The Parser Generator for Haskell
    extra/hugs98 200609-1
        Haskell 98 interpreter

    community/haskell-x11 1.4.2-1
        A Haskell binding to the X11 graphics library.
    community/haskell-x11-extras 0.4-3
        Missing bindings to the X11 graphics library.
    community/pandoc 0.46-1
        Haskell library and program to convert one markup format to another
    community/xmonad 0.7-1
        A lightweight X11 tiled window manager written in Haskell

    haskell/alex 2.2-1
        Alex is a tool for generating lexical analysers in Haskell
    haskell/c2hs 0.15.1-1
        C->Haskell Interface Generator
    haskell/cabal-rpm 0.5.1-1
        RPM package builder for Haskell Cabal source packages.
    haskell/djinn 2008.1.18-1
        Generate Haskell code from a type
    haskell/guihaskell 0.1.1-1
        A graphical REPL and development environment for Haskell
    haskell/hashell 0.15-1
        Simple shell written in Haskell
    haskell/haskell-anydbm 1.0.5-1
        Interface for DBM-like database systems
    haskell/haskell-arrayref 0.1.2-1
        Unboxed references, dynamic arrays and more
    haskell/haskell-arrows 0.4-1
        Arrow classes and transformers
    haskell/haskell-attoparsec 0.4-1
        Combinator parsing with Data.ByteString.Lazy
    haskell/haskell-autoproc 0.1-1
        EDSL for Procmail scripts
    haskell/haskell-avltree 3.1-1
        Balanced binary trees using the AVL algorithm.
    haskell/haskell-base64-string 0.1-1
        Base64 implementation for String's.
    haskell/haskell-bencode 0.3-1
        Parser and printer for bencoded data.
    haskell/haskell-bimap 0.2.2-1
        Bidirectional mapping between two key types
    haskell/haskell-binary 0.4.2-1
        Binary serialisation for Haskell values using lazy ByteStrings
    haskell/haskell-binary-search 0.0-1
        Binary and exponential searches
    haskell/haskell-binary-strict 0.3.1-1
        Binary deserialisation using strict ByteStrings
        A bioinformatics library
    haskell/haskell-bitset 0.6-1
        A functional data structure for efficient membership testing.
    haskell/haskell-bitsyntax 0.3.2-1
        A module to aid in the (de)serialisation of binary data
    haskell/haskell-bktrees 0.2.1-1
        A set data structure with approximate searching
    haskell/haskell-bloomfilter 1.2.0-1
        Pure and impure Bloom Filter implementations.
    haskell/haskell-brainfuck 0.1-1
        Brainfuck interpreter
    haskell/haskell-bytestring-mmap 0.2.0-1
        mmap support for strict ByteStrings
    haskell/haskell-bytestringparser 0.3-1
        Combinator parsing with Data.ByteString.Lazy
    haskell/haskell-bytestringreadp 0.2-1
        A ReadP style parser library for ByteString
        Compression and decompression in the bzip2 format
    haskell/haskell-carray 0.1.2-1
        A C-compatible array library.
    haskell/haskell-category-extras 0.53.3-1
        Various modules and constructs inspired by category theory
    haskell/haskell-cc-delcont 0.2-1
        Delimited continuations and dynamically scoped variables
    haskell/haskell-cgi-undecidable 3000.0.0-1
        Undecidable instances for the cgi package.
    haskell/haskell-change-monger 0.0-1
        Parse VCS changelogs into ChangeLogs
    haskell/haskell-chart 0.7-1
        A library for generating 2D Charts and Plots
    haskell/haskell-chasingbottoms 1.2.4-1
        For testing partial and infinite values.
        Bounds-checking integer types.
    haskell/haskell-chunks 2007.4.18-1
        Simple template library with static safety
    haskell/haskell-clevercss 0.1.1-1
        A CSS preprocessor
    haskell/haskell-cmath 0.3-1
        A binding to the standard C math library
    haskell/haskell-codec-compression-lzf 0.2-1
        LZF compression bindings.
    haskell/haskell-codec-libevent 0.1.2-1
        Cross-platform structure serialisation
    haskell/haskell-collections-api 0.4-1
        Useful standard collections types and related functions.
    haskell/haskell-collections-avl 0.4-1
        Data.Map/Set implementation using AVL trees
    haskell/haskell-collections-base-instances 0.4-1
        Useful standard collections types and related functions.
    haskell/haskell-collections-rangedsets-instances 0.4-1
        Collections instances for the Ranged-sets package
    haskell/haskell-colock 0.2.2-1
        thread-friendly file locks that don't block the entire program
    haskell/haskell-condorcet 0.0.1-1
        Library for Condorcet voting
    haskell/haskell-configfile 1.0.4-1
        Configuration file reading & writing
    haskell/haskell-contarrow 0.0.4-1
    haskell/haskell-control-event 0.3.0-1
        Event scheduling system.
    haskell/haskell-control-monad-omega 0.2-1
        A breadth-first list monad.
    haskell/haskell-control-timeout 0.1.2-1
        Timeout handling
    haskell/haskell-cordering 2.2-1
        An algebraic data type similar to Prelude Ordering.
    haskell/haskell-crack 0.1-1
        A haskell binding to cracklib
    haskell/haskell-crypto 4.1.0-1
        DES, Blowfish, AES, TEA, SHA1, MD5, RSA, BubbleBabble,
    haskell/haskell-csv 0.1.1-1
        CSV loader and dumper
    haskell/haskell-ctemplate 0.1-1
        Binding to the Google ctemplate library
    haskell/haskell-curl 1.3.2-1
        Haskell binding to libcurl
    haskell/haskell-data-accessor 0.0.1-1
        Automatically generate composable accessors for data types.
    haskell/haskell-data-cordering 0.4-1
        A useful variant of the Prelude Ordering data type.
    haskell/haskell-data-default 0.2-1
        A class for types with a default value
    haskell/haskell-data-tree-avl 0.4-1
        Balanced binary trees using AVL algorithm.
    haskell/haskell-data-trie-general 0.4-1
        An experiment with generalised tries.
    haskell/haskell-data-trie-general-ordgt 0.4-1
        A generalised trie instance for any key that is an instance of Ord.
    haskell/haskell-decimal 0.1.0-1
        Decimal numbers with variable precision
    haskell/haskell-deeparrow 0.2-1
    haskell/haskell-denominate 0.4.1-1
        Functions supporting bulk file and directory name
    haskell/haskell-derive 0.1.1-1
        A program and library to derive instances for data types
    haskell/haskell-diagrams 0.1-1
        An EDSL for creating simple diagrams
    haskell/haskell-diff 0.1.2-1
        O(ND) diff algorithm in haskell.
    haskell/haskell-dimensional 0.7.2-1
        Statically checked physical dimensions.
    haskell/haskell-dlist 0.4.1-1
        Differences lists
    haskell/haskell-dsp 0.2.1-1
        Haskell Digital Signal Processing
    haskell/haskell-edisonapi 1.2.1-1
        A library of efficient, purely-functional data structures (API)
        A library of efficent, purely-functional data structures (Core
    haskell/haskell-enumsets 0.4-1
        Efficient Sets for Small Enumerations
    haskell/haskell-etherbunny 0.3-1
        A network analysis toolkit for Haskell
    haskell/haskell-exif 3000.0.0-1
        A Haskell binding to a subset of libexif
    haskell/haskell-fec 0.1.1-1
        Forward error correction of ByteStrings
    haskell/haskell-feed 0.3.2-1
        Interfacing with RSS (v 0.9x, 2.x, 1.0) + Atom feeds.
    haskell/haskell-filemanip 0.3.2-1
        Expressive file and directory manipulation for Haskell.
    haskell/haskell-finance-quote-yahoo 0.6.0-1
        Obtain quote data from finance.yahoo.com
    haskell/haskell-finance-treasury 0.1.2-1
        Obtain Treasury yield curve data
    haskell/haskell-findbin 0.0.1-1
        Locate directory of original program
    haskell/haskell-finitemap 0.1-1
        A finite map implementation, derived from the paper: Efficient sets: a
        balancing act, S. Adams, Journal of functional programming 3(4) Oct 1993,
    haskell/haskell-geoip 0.1-1
        Pure bindings for the MaxMind IP database.
    haskell/haskell-glfw 0.3-1
        A binding for GLFW, An OpenGL Framework
    haskell/haskell-googlechart 0.2-1
        Generate web-based charts using the Google Chart API
    haskell/haskell-grotetrap 0.2-1
    haskell/haskell-growlnotify 0.4-1
        Notification utility for Growl.
    haskell/haskell-halex 1.1-1
        HaLeX enables modelling, manipulation and animation of regular languages
        Web framework
    haskell/haskell-haxml 1.19.4-1
        Utilities for manipulating XML documents
    haskell/haskell-hcl 1.3-1
        High-level library for building command line interfaces.
    haskell/haskell-hcodecs 0.0.3-1
        The library to read, write and manipulate MIDI, WAVE, and SoundFont2 files.
    haskell/haskell-hdbc 1.1.4-1
        Haskell Database Connectivity
        ODBC driver for HDBC
        Sqlite v3 driver for HDBC
    haskell/haskell-hedi 0.1-1
        Line oriented editor
    haskell/haskell-hfuse 0.1-1
        HFuse is a binding for the Linux FUSE library
        A simple graphics library based on X11 or Win32
    haskell/haskell-hjavascript 0.4.4-1
        HJavaScript is an abstract syntax for a typed subset of JavaScript.
    haskell/haskell-hlist 0.1-1
        Heterogeneous lists
    haskell/haskell-hmm 0.1-1
        Hidden Markov Model algorithms
    haskell/haskell-homeomorphic 0.1-1
        Homeomorphic Embedding Test
    haskell/haskell-hopenssl 1.0-1
        FFI bindings to OpenSSL's EVP digest interface
    haskell/haskell-hosc 0.3-1
        Haskell Open Sound Control
    haskell/haskell-hpdf 1.4-1
        Generation of PDF documents
        Programmer's Mine Sweeper in Haskell
    haskell/haskell-hsc3 0.3-1
        Haskell SuperCollider
    haskell/haskell-hscurses 1.3-1
        NCurses bindings for Haskell
    haskell/haskell-hsdip 0.1-1
        hsdip - a Diplomacy parser/renderer
    haskell/haskell-hsdns 1.3-1
        Asynchronous DNS Resolver
    haskell/haskell-hsemail 1.2-1
        Internet Message Parsers
    haskell/haskell-hsh 1.2.6-1
        Library to mix shell scripting with Haskell programs
    haskell/haskell-hsharupdf 0.0.0-1
        Haskell binding to libharu (http://libharu.sourceforge.net/)
    haskell/haskell-hslogger 1.0.5-1
        Versatile logging framework
    haskell/haskell-hslua 0.2-1
        A Lua language interpreter embedding in Haskell
    haskell/haskell-hsndfile 0.1.1-1
        Haskell bindings for libsndfile
    haskell/haskell-hsntp 0.1-1
        Libraries to use SNTP protocol and small client/server implementations.
    haskell/haskell-hsopenssl 0.4.2-1
        (Part of) OpenSSL binding for Haskell
    haskell/haskell-hsoundfile 0.2.2-1
        Audio file reading/writing
    haskell/haskell-hsparklines 0.1.0-1
        Sparklines for Haskell
    haskell/haskell-hspr-sh 0.3-1
        Session handler for HSP
    haskell/haskell-hspread 0.3-1
        A client library for the spread toolkit
    haskell/haskell-hssyck 0.42-1
        Fast, lightweight YAML loader and dumper
    haskell/haskell-hstats 0.2-1
        Statistical Computing in Haskell
    haskell/haskell-hstringtemplate 0.3.1-1
        StringTemplate implementation in Haskell.
    haskell/haskell-hsxenctrl 0.0.6-1
        FFI bindings to the Xen Control library.
    haskell/haskell-hsyslog 1.2-1
        FFI interface to syslog(3) from POSIX.1-2001.
    haskell/haskell-htf 0.1-1
        The Haskell Test Framework
    haskell/haskell-http 3001.0.4-1
    haskell/haskell-http-simple 0.1-1
        Enable simple wrappers to Network.HTTP
    haskell/haskell-hxq 0.8.3-1
        A Compiler from XQuery to Haskell
    haskell/haskell-hxt 8.0.0-1
        A collection of tools for processing XML with Haskell.
    haskell/haskell-hxt-filter 8.0.0-1
        A collection of tools for processing XML with Haskell (Filter variant).
    haskell/haskell-i18n 0.3-1
        Internationalization for Haskell
    haskell/haskell-iconv 0.4-1
        String encoding conversion
    haskell/haskell-ieee 0.2-1
        Approximate comparisons for IEEE floating point numbers
    haskell/haskell-iff 0.0.1-1
        Constructing and dissecting IFF files
    haskell/haskell-ifs 0.1.1-1
        Iterated Function System generation for Haskell
    haskell/haskell-imlib 0.1.1-1
    haskell/haskell-indentparser 0.2.1-1
        Combinators for parsing indentation based syntatic structures
    haskell/haskell-infix 0.1.1-1
        Infix expression re-parsing (for HsParser library)
    haskell/haskell-interlude 0.1.1-1
        Replaces some Prelude functions for enhanced error reporting
    haskell/haskell-ior 0.1-1
        Region based resource management for the IO monad.
    haskell/haskell-iospec 0.2-1
        A pure specification of the IO monad.
    haskell/haskell-ipc 0.0.3-1
        High level inter-process communication library
    haskell/haskell-ipprint 0.3-1
        Tiny helper for pretty-printing values in ghci console
    haskell/haskell-irc 0.4.3-1
        A small library for parsing IRC messages.
    haskell/haskell-lazyarray 0.1.3-1
        Efficient implementation of lazy monolithic arrays (lazy in indexes).
    haskell/haskell-lazysmallcheck 0.2-1
        A library for demand-driven testing of Haskell programs
    haskell/haskell-lcs 0.2-1
        Find longest common sublist of two lists
    haskell/haskell-libgeni 0.16.1-1
        A natural language generator (specifically, an FB-LTAG surface realiser)
    haskell/haskell-libmpd 0.3.0-1
        An MPD client library.
    haskell/haskell-libxml 0.1.1-1
        Binding to libxml2
    haskell/haskell-lispparser 0.2.1-1
        Simple parser for LISP S-expressions
    haskell/haskell-listlike 1.0.1-1
        Generic support for list-like structures
    haskell/haskell-loch 0.2-1
        Support for precise error locations in source files
    haskell/haskell-logict 0.2.3-1
        A backtracking logic-programming monad.
    haskell/haskell-lru 0.1.1-1
        Implements an LRU data structure
    haskell/haskell-lucu 0.1-1
        HTTP Daemonic Library
    haskell/haskell-markov-chain 0.0.2-1
        Markov Chains for generating random sequences with a user definable
    haskell/haskell-matrix-market 1.2-1
        Read and write NIST Matrix Market files
    haskell/haskell-maybet 0.1.1-1
        MaybeT monad transformer
    haskell/haskell-mersenne-random 0.1.2-1
        Generate high quality pseudorandom numbers using a SIMD Fast Mersenne
    haskell/haskell-mersenne-random-pure64 0.2-1
        Generate high quality pseudorandom numbers purely using a Mersenne Twister
    haskell/haskell-metaobject 0.0.1-1
        A meta-object system for Haskell based on Perl 6
    haskell/haskell-microbench 0.1-1
        Microbenchmark Haskell code
    haskell/haskell-mime 0.2-1
        Working with MIME types.
    haskell/haskell-miniplex 0.3.3-1
        simple 1-to-N interprocess communication
        Large utility library
    haskell/haskell-missingpy 0.10.0-1
        Haskell interface to Python
    haskell/haskell-mmap 0.2-1
        Memory mapped files for POSIX and Windows
    haskell/haskell-monad-param 0.0.2-1
        Parameterized monads
    haskell/haskell-monadlib 3.4.4-1
        A collection of monad transformers.
        MonadPrompt, implementation & examples
    haskell/haskell-monadrandom 0.1.1-1
        Random-number generation monad.
    haskell/haskell-mtl-tf 0.1-1
        Monad transformer library using type families
        parse library use mtl package
    haskell/haskell-mueval 0.3-1
        Safely evaluate Haskell expressions
    haskell/haskell-multiset 0.1-1
        The Data.MultiSet container type
    haskell/haskell-nano-hmac 0.2.0-1
        Bindings to OpenSSL HMAC.
    haskell/haskell-nano-md5 0.1.2-1
        Efficient, ByteString bindings to OpenSSL.
    haskell/haskell-nanocurses 1.5.2-1
        Simple Curses binding
        Fast and memory efficient low-level networking
    haskell/haskell-network-connection 0.1.1-1
        A wrapper around a generic stream-like connection
    haskell/haskell-network-dns 0.1.2-1
        A pure Haskell, asyncronous DNS client library
    haskell/haskell-network-minihttp 0.2-1
        A ByteString based library for writing HTTP(S) servers and clients.
    haskell/haskell-non-negative 0.0.1-1
        Non-negative numbers
    haskell/haskell-numbers 2008.4.20-1
        Various number types
    haskell/haskell-numeric-quest 0.1.1-1
        Math and quantum mechanics
    haskell/haskell-oeis 0.2-1
        Interface to the Online Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences
        A binding for the OpenGL graphics system
    haskell/haskell-pandoc 0.46-1
        Conversion between markup formats
    haskell/haskell-parameterized-data 0.1-1
        Parameterized data library implementing lightweight dependent
    haskell/haskell-parport 0.0.0-1
        Simply interfacing the parallel port on linux
    haskell/haskell-parrows 0.1-1
        Arrow parser combinators similar to Parsec
    haskell/haskell-parse-dimacs 1.1-1
        DIMACS CNF parser library
    haskell/haskell-parseargs 0.1-1
        Command-line argument parsing library for Haskell programs
    haskell/haskell-parsedate 3000.0.0-1
        Data and time parsing for CalendarTime
    haskell/haskell-pcap 0.4.3-1
        A system-independent interface for user-level packet capture
    haskell/haskell-pcre-light 0.3.1-1
        A small, efficient and portable regex library for Perl 5 compatible regular
    haskell/haskell-penn-treebank 0.1-1
        Tools for manipulating the Penn TreeBank
    haskell/haskell-pkcs1 1.0.2-1
        RSA encryption with PKCS1 padding
    haskell/haskell-polyparse 1.1-1
        A variety of alternative parser combinator libraries.
    haskell/haskell-popenhs 1.0.0-1
        popenhs is a popen-like library for Haskell.
    haskell/haskell-powermate 0.1-1
        PowerMate bindings
    haskell/haskell-pqc 0.2-1
        Parallel batch driver for QuickCheck
    haskell/haskell-printf-mauke 0.3-1
        A Perl printf like formatter.
    haskell/haskell-printf-th 0.1.1-1
    haskell/haskell-probability 0.2.1-1
        Probabilistic Functional Programming
    haskell/haskell-proplang 0.1-1
        A library for functional GUI development
    haskell/haskell-pugs-hsregex 1.0-1
        Haskell PCRE binding
    haskell/haskell-pugs-hssyck 0.41-1
        Fast, lightweight YAML loader and dumper
    haskell/haskell-puremd5 0.2.2-1
        MD5 implementations that should become part of a ByteString Crypto package.
    haskell/haskell-quantum-arrow 0.0.4-1
        An embedding of quantum computation as a Haskell arrow
    haskell/haskell-random-access-list 0.2-1
        Random-access lists in Haskell
    haskell/haskell-ranged-sets 0.2.0-1
        Ranged sets for Haskell
    haskell/haskell-rbr 0.8.3-1
        Mask nucleotide (EST) sequences in Fasta format
    haskell/haskell-rdtsc 1.1.1-1
        Binding for the rdtsc machine instruction
    haskell/haskell-reactive 0.5-1
        Simple foundation for functional reactive programming
    haskell/haskell-regexpr 0.2.9-1
        regular expression like Perl/Ruby in Haskell
    haskell/haskell-reviewboard 0.2.2-1
        Haskell bindings to ReviewBoard
    haskell/haskell-rjson 0.3.4-1
        A reflective JSON serializer/parser.
    haskell/haskell-rmonad 0.2-1
        Restricted monad library
    haskell/haskell-rsagl 0.2.1-1
        The RogueStar Animation and Graphics Library
    haskell/haskell-safe 0.2-1
        Library for safe (pattern match free) functions
    haskell/haskell-safecopy 0.3-1
        Binary serialization with version control.
    haskell/haskell-scc 0.1-1
        Streaming component combinators
    haskell/haskell-selenium 0.2.3-1
        Test web applications through a browser.
    haskell/haskell-sessions 2008.6.17-1
        Session Types for Haskell
    haskell/haskell-setlocale 0.0.3-1
        A Haskell interface to setlocale()
    haskell/haskell-shellac 0.9.1-1
        A framework for creating shell envinronments
    haskell/haskell-shellac-readline 0.9-1
        Readline backend module for Shellac
    haskell/haskell-show 0.1-1
        'Show' instances for Lambdabot
    haskell/haskell-simpleargs 0.1-1
        Provides a more flexible getArgs function with better error reporting.
    haskell/haskell-smallcheck 0.4-1
        Another lightweight testing library in Haskell.
    haskell/haskell-sonic-visualiser 0.1.1-1
        Sonic Visualiser
    haskell/haskell-sqlite 0.4.1-1
        Haskell binding to sqlite3
    haskell/haskell-stmonadtrans 0.1-1
        A monad transformer version of the ST monad
    haskell/haskell-storable-complex 0.1-1
        Storable instance for Complex
    haskell/haskell-stream 0.2.3-1
        A library for manipulating infinite lists.
    haskell/haskell-stream-fusion 0.1.1-1
        Faster Haskell lists using stream fusion
    haskell/haskell-streamproc 1.1-1
        Stream Processer Arrow
    haskell/haskell-strict 0.3.2-1
        Strict data types and String IO.
    haskell/haskell-strict-concurrency 0.2-1
        Strict concurrency abstractions
    haskell/haskell-stringtable-atom 0.0.2-1
        Memoize Strings as Atoms for fast comparison and sorting, with maps and sets
    haskell/haskell-suffixtree 0.2.2-1
        Efficient, lazy suffix tree implementation
    haskell/haskell-syb-with-class 0.4-1
        Scrap Your Boilerplate With Class
    haskell/haskell-sybwidget 0.4.0-1
        Library which aids constructing generic (SYB3-based) widgets
    haskell/haskell-system-inotify 0.1-1
        Binding to Linux's inotify interface
    haskell/haskell-tagsoup 0.6-1
        Parsing and extracting information from (possibly malformed) HTML documents
        TAR (tape archive format) library.
        Simple string substitution
    haskell/haskell-terminfo 0.2-1
        Haskell bindings to the terminfo library.
    haskell/haskell-thih 1.0-1
        Typing Haskell In Haskell
    haskell/haskell-tracker 0.1-1
        Client library for Tracker metadata database, indexer and search tool
    haskell/haskell-tv 0.4-1
        Tangible Values -- composable interfaces
    haskell/haskell-type-level 0.2-1
        Type-level programming library
    haskell/haskell-typecompose 0.5-1
        Type composition classes & instances
    haskell/haskell-uniplate 1.0.1-1
        Uniform type generic traversals.
        Portable POSIX-compatibility layer.
    haskell/haskell-unix-pty-light 0.1-1
        POSIX pseudo-terminal support
    haskell/haskell-unlambda 0.1-1
        Unlambda interpreter
    haskell/haskell-utf8-string 0.3.1-1
        Support for reading and writing UTF8 Strings
    haskell/haskell-uulib 0.9.5-1
        Haskell Utrecht Tools Library
    haskell/haskell-uvector 0.1-1
        Fast unboxed arrays with a flexible interface
    haskell/haskell-value-supply 0.1-1
        A library for generating values without having to thread state.
    haskell/haskell-vector-space 0.2.0-1
        Vector & affine spaces, plus derivatives
    haskell/haskell-vty 3.0.1-1
        A simple terminal access library
    haskell/haskell-wave 0.1.1-1
        WAVE audio file IO library
    haskell/haskell-whim 0.1-1
        A Haskell window manager
    haskell/haskell-wl-pprint 1.0-1
        The Wadler/Leijen Pretty Printer
    haskell/haskell-wordnet 0.1.2-1
        Haskell interface to the WordNet database
    haskell/haskell-x11 1.4.2-1
        A binding to the X11 graphics library
    haskell/haskell-x11-extras 0.4-1
        Missing bindings to the X11 graphics library
    haskell/haskell-x11-xft 0.3-1
        Bindings to the Xft, X Free Type interface library, and some Xrender parts
    haskell/haskell-xhtml 3000.1.0.0-1
        An XHTML combinator library
    haskell/haskell-xml 1.2.6-1
        A simple XML library.
    haskell/haskell-xml-parsec 1.0.2-1
        Parsing XML with Parsec
    haskell/haskell-xsact 1.6-1
        Cluster EST sequences
    haskell/haskell-yamlreference 0.9.2-1
        YAML reference implementation
        Library for programming hybrid systems.
    haskell/haskell-yhccore 0.9-1
        Yhc's Internal Core language.
    haskell/haskell-yogurt 0.2-1
        A MUD client library
    haskell/haskell-zfs 0.0-1
        Oleg's Zipper FS
    haskell/haskell-zipedit 0.1-1
        Create simple list editor interfaces
        Compression and decompression in the gzip and zlib formats
        An ncurses mp3 player written in Haskell
    haskell/hoogle 3.1-1
        Haskell API Search
    haskell/hray 1.1-1
        Haskell raytracer
    haskell/hsclock 1.0-1
        An elegant analog clock using Haskell, GTK and Cairo
    haskell/hscolour 1.9-1
        Colourise Haskell code.
        Generate cabal files for a Haskell project
    haskell/mohws 0.1-1
        Modular Haskell Web Server
    haskell/twitter 0.1.1-1
        A Haskell-based CLI Twitter client
    haskell/typalyze 0.1.1-1
        Analyzes Haskell source files for easy reference

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