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List Description
arch-haskell Haskell on Arch Linux Development
Beginners The Haskell-Beginners Mailing List - Discussion of primarily beginner-level topics related to Haskell
Blobs Development of the Blobs diagram editor
C2hs C->Haskell binding generator
cabal-devel Development discussion for the Cabal package system
Cvs-hugs Hugs CVS commit messages
Cvs-nhc98 nhc98 CVS commit messages
Data-Haskell Data Haskell
database-devel Database programming with Haskell
Education Education
Fedora-haskell former Fedora Haskell List
FFI The Haskell FFI Mailing List
FieldTrip A Haskell library for functional 3D graphics
FreeBSD-haskell [no description available]
Generics Discussions about a common Generics Library for Haskell
ghc-builds GHC automatic build reports
ghc-commits commit messages for ghc and related projects
Ghc-devops-group GHC DevOps Group mailing list
ghc-devs GHC development discussion
ghc-releases GHC release process announcements
ghc-steering-committee Correspondence between the members of the GHC Steering Committe
ghc-tickets The Glasgow Haskell Tickets Mailing List
Glasgow-haskell-users The Glasgow Haskell Users Mailing List
GUI GUI API Task Force
Hackathon Hackathon information
Haskell The Haskell Mailing List
haskell-br Grupo Brasileiro de Usuários de Haskell
Haskell-Cafe The Haskell Cafe
Haskell-community community list
Haskell-de Deutsche Haskell Mailing Liste
Haskell-fr La liste Haskell Francophone
Haskell-i18n Internationalization issues (Unicode and localization)
Haskell-prime Haskell' - A Haskell Standard Revision - discussion list
HaskellDoc Discussion about an automatic documentation generation tool for Haskell
Hat Hat, the Haskell tracing system
Helium [no description available]
HOpenGL OpenGL Haskell binding discussions
Hugs-Bugs The Hugs Bugs Mailing List
Hugs-Users The Hugs Users Mailing List
iPhone Haskell-iPhone mailing list
jhc jhc haskell compiler discussion/development
Libraries Discussion about libraries for Haskell
Mailman [no description available]
Nhc-bugs Bug reports and fixes for nhc98
Nhc-users List for all users of nhc98
Numeric Numerical Libraries and Applications
Reactive A Haskell library for functional reactive programming
template-haskell Discussion about Template Haskell
Timber The Timber mailing list
web-devel Web programming with Haskell
Wikibook Planning and discussion for the Haskell wikibook
xmonad xmonad: a tiling window manager
Yhc York Haskell Compiler

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